"Success" as a twenty something

Ahhhhhh early 20s. So far you have been an absolute rollercoaster. What is it about being a twenty something that everything feels so life and death? 

Why is success only measured by what you achieve by 30? When did 30 get all this pressure and hype because I didn't get the memo. Here I am, in my last year of college with all of the possibilities at a hands reach and yet I am more concerned with this abstract idea of success. And achieving something insurmountable in a socially acceptable amount of time. 

I'm Bhavini

Hi there, welcome to this. I am not fully sure what "this" is other than a place I hope to drop all of my thoughts, share my material favorites, and hopefully cultivate a sense of community with all of you. If you're into that, welcome to a little bit of everything. 

What I mean by "a little bit of everything" is that, like you, I have varying interests. I want this to be the place that I am able to share those with you with out worrying about fitting into a theme or aesthetic.  

I am a 23 year old living in NorCal pursuing a Sociology - Org Studies degree and honestly, I am just trying to "make it." That just means: I want to graduate and work somewhere where creativity and innovation are at the forefront of the organization's purpose. And I want to build a little life of my own...but we will get to that later.